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Anna | 16 | NZ

Welcome to Phonetic Sims! I'm Anna and this is my simblr where I post resources as well as my sims games and updates on all my machinima series!

At the moment I'm still in pre-production and it will take a while for any machinimas come out BUT I do have a lot of other written series and random sims crap here while we wait!

I track the tag "phoneticsims"
I only follow back simblrs
All resource posts are queued

This blog is rude-y bits free BUT I hav e a tendancy to swear, oops.

Bored and playing around with a whole lot of new cc I made this sim! She’s not up for download, at least not right now. If a few people express interest you never know! (Though I only managed to work out her casual and swimwear, so I’ll have to do the rest if it is)

Introducing this adorable child called Marigold “Mari” Finch! Her traits are Artistic, Dramatic (requires ambitions), Excitable, Absent Minded and Ambitious

Skin (Original Eyes | Default EA Tones) | Eyes (I use Defaults) | Freckles | Piercing | Face shape slider

HairTop | Skirt | Tights | Boots | Necklace | Bracelet

Eye-shadow | Eye-liner | Blush | Lips

More posts featuring Mari!

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